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What if someone was to tell you that there is a secret real estate market that exists right in front of your eyes? Nevermind calling your local real estate agent – chances are, they’re not even aware of it themselves. The ‘secret’ real estate market is the tax-defaulted real estate market, and this is how it works:

Local governments levy property taxes on real property owners in order to fund services it provides to its residents, like water, sewer, schools, etc. State law (in all 50 states) mandate how long a property owner has past the due date before it takes the most drastic measures to recoup the lost tax revenue.

All 50 states either A) Seize title to the real estate (called a tax deed) and sell it at public auction, or B) Sell the delinquent tax amount (called a tax lien) to an investor, who, for his or her investment, makes a statutory interest percentage rate on their investment (anywhere from 10-30% depending on the jurisdiction). With tax liens, interest accrues for the tax lien investor until a specified number of years after the sale, and if the homeowner doesn’t pay back the investor his/her costs PLUS all the accrued interest, the investor may foreclose on the real estate and get title!


Tax DEEDS: Are actual deeds to the real estate. Once the money is paid to the local government, and the deed is recorded, YOU are the rightful owner to the property! You have the right to evict any occupant and move in to your new house!

Tax LIENS: Are interest-bearing LIENS (claims) to the real estate that are secured by the property. They DO NOT give you ownership until a foreclosure suit is brought in the county court where the real estate lies. Tax liens are a great alternative to putting money in a savings account, as the high interest rate outpaces the interest paid by a bank on a savings account several thousand times over!

These types of investments are available in all 50 states. They are offered for sale at varying times throughout the year, and have varying degree of sale terms.

WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON WHERE AND WHEN? Learn how each state conducts sales, and when. See how much money you can make on your investment by clicking the e-book cover below. For ONLY $19.99, you can connect with ALL taxing authorities in ALL 50 states. See current inventory, sale dates & terms, and SO MUCH MORE! The work has been done for you! Happy investing!


Five Houses For Less Than $2k!

As a strategic investor, one always has to be on the lookout for the opportunity to make money; wherever, whenever. Unlike working a traditional 9 to 5 day job, investing in real estate does not bind one to a particular location. The latest round of investing was conducted online in Maricopa County, Arizona, where I participated in the Annual Tax Lien Sale. This event takes place every year in February. The County auctions off liens on ALL real estate where property taxes have not been paid for the past two (2) years. Take a look below at the properties I won liens on:

Here’s a home in Central Phoenix I bought a tax lien on for ONLY $400!  It’s 65 years old, contains 1,200 square feet of living space, and will fetch roughly $50,000 on the open market!

House in Central Phoenix for ONLY $400!
House in Central Phoenix for ONLY $400

Here’s another beauty!  The home below had a tax  lien on it for ONLY $400 – so I quickly snatched it up.  It has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and contains 1,024 square feet of living space.  On the open market, it commands rougly $75,000!

House West of Phoenix for ONLY $400!
House West of Phoenix for ONLY $400!

Although covered by trees, the home behind the fence is solid brick, and was picked up for ONLY $400!  It has 900 square feet of living space, 2 bedrooms, 1 baths, and will fetch approximately $70,000 – $75,000!

West Valley home for $400!
West Valley home for $400!

The other two tax lien homes won at auction were an 800 square foot condo in the Arcadia section of Phoenix (near the Scottsdale line), and a 1,200 square home in the mining town of Wickenburg, about 60 miles northwest of Phoenix.

NOW THAT I AM IN POSITION – I have to contact the county Treasurer’s Office, and make quick arrangements to wipe out all the lien holders that appear before me for the past five years for each property.  Once I do that, I will be the only tax lien holder for each home, and will make the interest income earned by the lien holders I wiped out; until I foreclose all 5 properties (at a cost of about $2,500 per property).

The average foreclosure time for tax liens in Arizona is about 90 days, given there are no complications such as a bankruptcy filing by a home owner.  So it is safe to assume that for a $2,000 initial investment, I am in the position to foreclose and turn $2,000 into $300,000 to $400,000 OR MORE!

To learn how YOU can do this in ALL 50 STATES, get your copy of my e-book “Get that real estate for pocket change!” for only $19.99 TOODAY!  You will be able to see how all 50 states conduct sales, what type of investments are sold (tax lien/tax deed), when sales take place, and in most cases, you can POINT & CLICK to see current inventory!!!




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Calling All Strategic Investors: Coal Rights For Sale In Pennsylvania!

Coal rights for sale in Jefferson County, PA
Coal rights for sale in Jefferson County, PA

CALLING ALL INVESTORS & COAL COMPANIES:  Right now, for sale are two coal rights properties, one in Anita (McCalmont Township), PA, and the other in Rose Township, PA. These properties are coal rights only, no surface is owned by the Seller.


McCalmont Township Property (Reynoldsville, PA)

Number of Acres: 70
Property Control Number: 15-3307
Lies under: 1462 and 1540 Grange Hall Rd., Reynoldsville, PA 15851

Rose Township Property

Number of Acres: 47.46
Property Control Number: 32-2756
Lies under: 1093 Parks Rd., Corsica, PA 15829

Mineral reserves are not known on either property; therefore,  it is encouraged that you have a core sample performed before making an offer.  Most recent title searches are available upon request.  Make an offer TODAY!  Please address all inquiries to
*Buyer to verify all information and conduct due diligence prior to writing an offer.

Donate And Save This House – DONATE TODAY!

Take a trip to the peaceful, suburban borough of Brownsville, Pennsylvania.  Located in Fayette County, this once-thriving coal mining community has fallen on some hard times due to the regulatory shakeups affecting the coal mining industry.  With many coal mining companies going belly-up, jobs have disappeared left and right from the small cities and towns that dot the Commonwealth.

As the case goes for Brownsville, the fight against blight is a is an ever-uphill struggle.  Over the years, a large portion of Brownsville’s population left in search of jobs and economic opportunities elsewhere.  In their wake remain the masses of homes that have fallen victim to vandalism, neglect, and decay.  A legislative initiative to approve a floating casino along the Monongahela River has stalled, thus prolonging a much-needed economic lifeline to the Borough and others like it.

Take THIS house (which DESPERATELY needs YOUR help):

Donate to save this Brownsville, PA house!  Visit and DONATE!
Save this Brownsville, PA house! Visit TODAY!
Donate to save this Brownsville, PA house!  Visit and DONATE!
Save this Brownsville, PA house! Visit TODAY!
Donate to save this Brownsville, PA house! Visit and DONATE!
Save this Brownsville, PA house! Visit and DONATE!
Donate to save this Brownsville, PA house! Visit and DONATE!
Save this Brownsville, PA house! Visit TODAY!
Donate to save this Brownsville, PA house! Visit and DONATE!
Save this Brownsville, PA house! Visit TODAY!
Donate to save this Brownsville, PA house! Visit and DONATE!
Save this Brownsville, PA house! Visit TODAY!
Donate to save this Brownsville, PA house! Visit and DONATE!
Save this Brownsville, PA house! Visit TODAY!
Donate to save this Brownsville, PA house! Visit and DONATE!
Save this Brownsville, PA house! Visit TODAY!
Donate to save this Brownsville, PA house! Visit and DONATE!
Save this Brownsville, PA house! Visit TODAY!


It is 115 years old, structurally sound, but has not been occupied in 5+ years (although officials in the town say the estimate is closer to 10).  The owner has taken initiative to secure the property by having the windows and doors boarded up, and have the long-awaited yard work done.  However, this effort (while vital) is not enough.  The owner wants to bring this property back to life by hiring a general contractor to gut the structure to the studs, replace the aging roof, tear down the decaying porches, and install new functional components, such as electric, plumbing, a new boiler, etc.



Pookie Doo

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Strategic Investors: The $257 House

Here are several several homes and properties through tax lien and tax deed sale, many of them over-the-counter.  The following houses were bought as a defaulted tax investment (tax lien/tax deed).

The house below was purchased in Bisbee, Arizona for a mere $1,400 in back taxes!  It is currently worth approximately $150,000 on the open market.  This house is a bi-level duplex, each floor containing a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom unit with separate utility meters, and on 1 acre of land.  Taxes are slightly less than $300/year for the entire property!  The average rent in the are is $550 – $700/month.  Either way, it is a profitable, and strategic investment.  You too can become one of many strategic investors!

Bisbee house 1.  Bought for $1400
Strategic Investors: Arizona house bought for $1400


This second home is also located in Bisbee, Arizona.  The total purchase price of the outstanding taxes was $900!  NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS!  This circa 1900 single family home contains 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, and sits on a 6,000 square foot lot.  It is currently valued at $45,000 to $55,000.  The rental rates for this area are $550 – $700/month.  Yes, you too can be your own strategic investor!


This property was purchased in 2013 in Pennsylvania for only $257!  You heard it right – $257!!!  While it needs a tremendous amount of renovations and TLC, once rehabbed, it could command well over $100,000 on the open market.  Estimated repairs will be in the area of about $60,000.

Strategic investors: This home was purchased for ONLY $257!
Strategic investors: This home was purchased for ONLY $257!


So at minimum, we have (if rehabbed and sold at a price determined to sell quickly on the open real estate market):

$100,000 (conservative estimated market value – Purchase cost $257 + Rehab costs (figuring high) $60,000 + Property taxes paid to date $8 = $39,795 PURE PROFIT!

Rental rates are approximately $800 – $1,000/month in this area.  Aside from the necessary  repairs that have to be made, the property’s assessed value is $21,000.  Not bad – for only $257, $21,000 worth of equity was made JUST BY BUYING THE PROPERTY!  If held as a rental for 10 years at the maximum rental rate for the area, this property will have earned a gross profit of $120,000!

While only landscaping and must-do items have been addressed at this point to secure the home (for safety reasons), here are some photos that you may enjoy.  Not bad for $257, huh?  Now THAT’S another example of how strategic investors work!

Strategic investors: Pennsylvania house bought for ONLY $257!
Strategic investors: Pennsylvania house bought for ONLY $257!

IMG_9163 IMG_2465

If you want to find the deals in your state, YOU CAN!  Visit and download the e-book “Get that real estate for pocket change” by Shane O’Brien.  The book will teach you investment methods in each state, when sales are conducted, when, and in most cases, you can SEE the current inventory in your area!  Or, you may click the e-book cover to get your copy NOW by INSTANT download!


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Calling All Investors: Maricopa County, AZ Annual Tax Lien Sale Takes Place NOW!

If you know what tax liens are (even if you don’t, you can learn – keep reading), and how valuable they are to your investment portfolio, you need to know that Maricopa County, Arizona is having its annual tax lien sale on February 10, 2014. It is okay if you don’t know what tax lien investment is.

Quite simply, tax liens are liens placed upon real property when an owner fails to pay his or her property taxes. Here in Arizona, owners have two (2) years to pay their property taxes, or else the County will sell the unpaid taxes to investors.

When you, the investor, buys a tax lien (or tax liens), you pay (to the County) the outstanding property taxes, interest and costs on the owner’s behalf. The County, in turn, pays you, the investor an intrest rate on top of your original investment when the property owner redeems, or pays the County back all outstanding taxes, costs, plus the interest YOU have earned.  When an investor participates in the Maricopa County, AZ annual auction, the auction is conducted online and in what’s called ‘bid-down’ format.  What this means is that the interest rate that gets paid to an investor (you) starts at 16%, and gets bid down by competing investors until the interest rate goes to 0%.  When the interest rate hits 0%, the computer handling the sale of the liens assigns the lien to a random investor, so as to be fair to all investors.

Now, there’s no guarantee the owner will pay. State law allows you, as investor, to start a foreclosure action in the Superior Court of the county that the property lies. Not a bad system, huh? Unlike the stock market, your investment is secured by the real estate, and guranteed by State law. Arizona has 15 counties; each of them conducting their annual tax lien sale in February.

These types of sales take place in EVERY STATE across America. Each state varies as to the type of sale it conducts; as some states sell tax liens, with others selling tax deeds. Some states are hybrid states, meaning they sell both tax liens and deeds. Each state sets its own redemption (payback) period and interest rate to be paid to the investor in the event of a redemption. There are states that do not have redemption periods at all – meaning you can get the property outright.

WANT TO LEARN HOW TO DO THIS IN YOUR STATE? You can! Visit, and get yourself a copy of Shane O’Brien’s e-book “Get that real estate for pocket change!”. The e-book is available for INSTANT download, and shows you when sales take place in every county in every state. Get bidding rules, see inventory in most locations, and get ready to MAKE MONEY!



Happy investing!

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Hello, and welcome to STRATEGIC-INVESTORS.COM!

I’m so happy you’ve decided to drop by! Here you will learn the ins and outs of investing in real estate that you can get your hands on for ONLY the outstanding/delinquent property tax amount. As you may or may not know, there’s many millions of parcels (homes, land, commercial buildings, etc.) where the owner(s) have not paid the property taxes. This is where YOU step in AND MAKE A KILLING. Don’t know how it works? No problem! I’ve already done the homework for you. In my e-book, you can see how the process works in all fifty states. Where do I find what’s for sale? Got ya covered again! Finding inventory is as simple as pointing and clicking in most cases!

Just take a look at the following properties I acquired tax liens on (and am foreclosing as we speak):

Tax lien property 1
Tax lien I bought for $1,400 and am foreclosing as of the date of this post. This home is worth $150k to $175k on the open market!


Tax lien property 2
Tax lien I bought for $900 and am foreclosing on. Worth $50k on open market.

As you can see, this strategy allows me (YOU), the investor to keep the local government budgets funded. As a reward, I earn 16% per year on my return until the foreclosure process is complete. If the owner redeems, (or pays back my investment + accrued interest + attorney fees of $2,500 + costs) I will have made my money plus GREAT interest.

IF THE OWNER DOES NOT PAY BY THE TIME THE FORECLOSURE SUIT LANDS IN FRONT OF THE JUDGE, the judge will then review the lawsuit to ensure that all steps have been followed as the law specifies. If all checks out, the judge signs the judgment order on the spot, and I take title to the property!

Not only is this type of investing PERFECT for getting real estate CHEAPLY, it is also a SUPERIOR means of accruing interest income, in oppose to keeping money in a savings account at a bank!

Tax lien and tax deed homes from $1,000 OR LESS!

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